Account Analysis

Offset maintenance fees with earnings on your combined account balances.

Let Broadway help strengthen your cash management control with Account Analysis—
while your combined account balances work to reduce or eliminate service fees.

Is Account Analysis right for your business?

It is if you:

  • Use Treasury Management services.
  • Have very active accounts with larger account balances and a high volume of transactions.
  • Want itemized information on accounts, transactions, and balances.

How does it work?

  • You get a monthly statement with descriptive information plus a summary of balances and fees.
  • Your combined monthly fee total will include fees on all of your business accounts.
  • Your earnings credit, calculated on the average balance of your deposited funds, is applied to your fee total to offset the cost of the charges.
  • You also receive year-end reports to assist with budget and cash flow planning.


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The benefits of Account Analysis?

Monitor account activity.
A detailed monthly overview of account balance and activity lets you monitor fees and determine balance requirements.

Offset maintenance fees.
Get an earnings credit on your average investable balance.

Use funds more efficiently.
Quickly evaluate the use of available funds. Tie multiple accounts together—and combine balances to pay for services.


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