Business Debit Card

The faster, more convenient way to make business purchases

An Important Business Tool

A checkbook is a vital part of running a business. But,
sometimes you need a faster, more convenient way to make purchases, track business expenses, and manage finances. A business debit card offers you all that...and more. It combines the functions of a checkbook and an automated teller machine (ATM) card with the acceptance of a major credit card—but without the potential pressure of paying back a high-interest loan. So, you can easily manage your business finances with one simple card.

Fast and Easy

The business debit card works just like your checkbook.
Each time you make a purchase, the amount of your purchase is deducted from your business checking account. The only difference is you won’t have to show two forms of identification or wait for check approval anymore.

Accepted Out of Town

No matter where your business takes you, you won’t have
to worry about getting an out-of-town check cashed.
Simply use your business debit card at hotels, restaurants,
office supply stores, and even gas stations.


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Convenient Record Keeping

Your purchases appear on a detailed statement that
includes the date, location, and amount of every
transaction. So, you can easily track your business
expenses and file them for future reference.

24-Hour ATM Access

Need to make a deposit after hours? Transfer funds between accounts? Or simply make a withdrawal? No problem. Your business debit card carries all the advantages of an ATM card at literally thousands of convenient locations. As the business owner, you determine if you would like other employees to have access to these convenient features.

Safe and Secure

Along with your business debit card, you’ll have a personal
identification number (PIN) to help keep you safe from
unauthorized purchases and transactions. If you choose, you can assign different PINs and purchase limits to different employees!

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