Secure a Construction Loan in the Texas Hill Country

Construction Loan Hill Country, TX

At Broadway Bank, we assist homebuyers in the Hill Country with Construction Loans to pay your builder for materials and labor during the construction process.

  • Short-term loans – up to 18 months
  • Finance up to the amount of your permanent mortgage commitment or 85% of the cost

Choose from Two Convenient Options

One-Time Close Construction Loans, an option available exclusively to Private Bank customers, saves money and time with a single qualification process and convert to permanent financing once your home is completed. Plus, you’ll benefit from no interest rate risk or added closing costs.

Two-Time Close Construction Loans are ideal for borrowers with less than 20% equity and prefer longer term permanent mortgages.

Contact a Hill Country Construction Loan Specialist TODAY

Broadway Bank’s Construction Loan Department is available to our Hill Country customers at 800.531.7650. Our experienced staff is standing by to ensure an efficient and hassle-free loan experience

Membership qualifications for Private Banking at Broadway Bank apply.