Broadway Bank’s Trusted Treasury Management Services – Kyle, TX

Treasury Management Kyle, TX

Our Treasury Management professionals work with business customers in Kyle to deliver a system of informed, effective decision-making tools that help to increase profitability and business growth. Since Broadway Bank’s founding in 1941, we’ve taken an approach to business banking that has focused on delivering innovative, sound solutions – including methods for optimal management of cash.

Valuable Resources for Cash Flow Management

Financial Electronic Data Interchange-Receiving (FEDI) efficiently manages handling, processing and filing of return invoices • iBiz® is an online service to transfer funds, pay bills, reconcile accounts, request wire transfers, and more • Online Stop PaymentsRemote Deposit Express makes check deposits directly from your desktop • ACH Collection manages recurring receipts like loan payments, membership dues, charitable contributions, etc. • Lockbox Services help save time and money associated with processing remittances in-house • Investment Sweep invests extra cash at all times for maximum return Loan Sweep utilizes your Business Line of Credit and Business Checking Account to help avoid overdrafts and minimize interest expenses • ACH Disbursement makes recurring payments electronically – including payroll • Zero Balance Accounts eliminate needs for cash balances in multiple disbursement accounts • Automated Wire TransfersPositive Pay helps reduce check fraud

Discover the Benefits of Treasury Management Services in Kyle

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