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How can I view my statement(s) through Online Banking?
Online Banking allows you to view up to 18 months of statements. In order to view your statement(s) online, you must first register for iStatements. You can now “go green” by choosing to receive your statements online. In order to register, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Under the ACCOUNTS tab, click on the “Statements” link: this will bring you to the MANAGE PREFERENCES screen. Here you will see your accounts listed.
  2. Verify or add your email address.
  3. On each line you will see ENROLL and DELIVERY METHOD. The option to enroll will default to Yes and the Delivery Method will default to ONLINE.

NOTE: If you would like to Go Green and have your statements only available online, you may proceed with the defaulted options and select “NEXT” to continue the registration.

  1. You will have to confirm your selection and click “SUBMIT”.
  2. You will then be presented with the usage agreement for iStatements and you may click on the “ACCEPT” icon to continue to your accounts.

After you have registered for iStatements, you will be able to view the statements by following the instructions below:

  1. Under the ACCOUNTS tab, click on the “Statements” link.
  2. Select the account number for which you wish to view a statement.
  3. Select the date and click “DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE STATEMENT”.
  4. The statement you are requesting will be presented; you can then print or save the statement to your computer.

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